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The Dolphin Chronicles: Our First Encounter


The Earth is a profound expression of love!    In the beginning there was a great sound that was the expression of the universe as it sung its way into creation. Some may call it the greatest symphonic movement every played, others simply call it the "Big Bang". Quite simply, love has always been, and always will be the theme of this music. It has brought us up on this little blue ball we call home!  The Dolphin   I was walking on the beach on the Kona coast when suddenly I heard someone call my name. I looked up but I...

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The Dolphin Chronicles: Oceans of Light

Dolphin Light

I was up early. I wanted to see the sunrise, and I had to go to the opposite side of the island to see it. There was something about the sunset the night before that made me want to see the same cycle in reverse. I watched it mesmerized!Afterwards, I went for a swim in the surf feeling somehow different. As if I had witnessed and understood some cycle that seemed so simple, but was actually astonishingly complex. Sunset and sunrise are so much more than they seem. So very much more! I had been doing a lot of research into...

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The Dolphin Chronicles: Blue Water Soundings

Dolphin Whale

I woke before the sunrise and as usual I grabbed my board and headed for the beach. I paddled out beyond the shore break and waited for my friend. I didn't have to wait long before he poked his smiling head above the water and splashed water on my face. "Hi Joe", as usual I felt more than heard his greeting. "I have something very special for you today. You look a little tired this morning." I turned to face him just in time to be splashed once again with cold water. "There, now you look more awake." The sky was beginning...

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The Dolphin Chronicles: Mis-measure of Time

Dolphin Time

I started the day by wishing my dolphin friend "Happy New Year". He just laughed at me! He asked me why in the world would we humans think today is the beginning of the new year, as everybody knows the new year begins when the sun crosses the ecliptic on the first day of spring. I then told him this was the beginning of a new millennium. He corrected me and informed me there was no year zero in human history, so therefore the millennium by our own accounting would actually start in 2001. He laughed at our silly human reckoning of...

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