The Dolphin Chronicles: Blue Water Soundings

I woke before the sunrise and as usual I grabbed my board and headed for the beach. I paddled out beyond the shore break and waited for my friend. I didn't have to wait long before he poked his smiling head above the water and splashed water on my face. 

"Hi Joe", as usual I felt more than heard his greeting. "I have something very special for you today. You look a little tired this morning." I turned to face him just in time to be splashed once again with cold water. "There, now you look more awake." 

The sky was beginning to lighten with the sunrise. My dolphin friend reminded me to become aware of my surroundings, so of course I did, or face the onslaught of his splashing flukes. 

On the volcanic peaks above, the indigos of dawn gave way to the impossible pinks of the rising sun. The waves had not yet been textured by the wind and so rolled in like living glass. Breathing deeply I tasted the night chill that still clung to the air and then I submerged beneath the swells and towed my board with my ankle leash. 

We swam far from the coast to the blue water. Here there are no reefs, no volcanic outcroppings; no darting in and out of brightly colored fish. What you see below you is an ever deepening shade of blue - above you an ever lightening tint. There was nothing else, until I noticed the sound. 

First you feel it, like some long forgotten siren song that compels you to the deep. It resonates deep in the bone. A deep throated ping that ever so slightly caresses your skin. A deep and guttural lowing that vibrates the base of the spine. I realized a giant was imaging me - a blue giant. 

I looked as far as I could see through the clear water but I could not see anything. I asked my friend what was happening? He simply smiled at me (as usual) and told me to just be aware and experience the moment. What I felt next was a warm shuddering of the water around me completely penetrating my body. It was as if mild shock waves were being sent through my body. It was a pleasant sensation. 

Suddenly, beneath me I saw the most awesome thing I have ever seen. An unbelievably huge form glided beneath me and then circled around as graceful as anything I have ever seen. My heart raced as I floated next to a dorsal fin as large as a car. I felt the sudden need to surface and take several deep breaths. 

After I surfaced my friend told me I was in the presence of the most magnificent creatures on the Earth. The Great Blue Whales had come to pay me a visit. "You mean there is more than one" I gasped! 

"Oh yes, you are quite honored today. You are in the presence of three of the largest and oldest beings that walk or swim the Earth. To be quite honest you are being very rude to keep them waiting. Now take a deep breath and come with me." 

When I submerged again I was face to eye with all three of them. They had positioned themselves in a circle and I was surrounded by each turned so that a single eye was facing me. I cannot tell you what I saw in those eyes because words simply do not begin to explain it. 

I felt the thumping vibration begin again. I immediately felt a booming voice in my head. "It is time for you to begin the Great Work." With that they circled around me and turned to leave. 

I couldn't help but notice their giant flukes delicately pass by my head. I knew if they hit me I would probably die. But they were so graceful and so aware of my position in the water, instead what I experienced was a surge of water coming from all directions pushing me to the surface in a huge upwelling of water. 


After a while I gathered my senses and turned to my dolphin friend. "What was that all about? It was wonderful! What is The Great Work they spoke of?" 

My dolphin friend turned me towards the shore and indicated it was time to return. I asked again of this Great Work. 

"This you shall learn in the weeks to come", was all he said.

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