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On September 14, 2005 Modern Marvels debuted an hour long episode on the history of coffee.  The Kona Joe Coffee trellis was featured as one of the best new innovations in coffee.  Coffee experts appearing on the show included Howard Schultz CEO, founder of Starbucks Coffee, Ted Lingle, executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). and Dr. Joe Alban, inventor of the coffee trellis.

It was clear from the history of coffee how wine and coffee are both specialty beverages and according to Ted Lingle "the future of coffee will follow the wine model".

Kona Joe has been a pioneer constantly working to produce and grow coffee like wine.  Growing coffee on a trellis like wine grapes marks the first time in history, coffee has been cultivated like wine.  Kona Joe not only cultivates coffee like wine he has recognized the importance of appellation, terroir, and the critical balance of sugars and acids in developing coffee fruit.

Kona Joe acted as a technical advisor to the History channel and the Kona Joe Coffee Trellis will forever be a part of coffee history.

A DVD copy of the 1 hour show is available from A&E; just ask for the "History Channel Modern Marvels of Coffee."

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