Reviewed Jan 2018
We love Kona Joe coffee, it’s the ONLY coffee I can drink! We visited the farm in August while on Kona for 2 weeks. What is different about this coffee? (I understand it’s trellis grown) I’m 63 yr# old, have intestinal metaplasia and autoimmune enteropathy plus just healed from breast and thyroid cancer but I have an addiction to 1/2 cup of coffee every morning. All other coffees cause worsening of acid reflux and the stomach conditions. My husband drinks 2-3 cups every morning. After drinking yours exclusively neither of us have acid reflux! We started ordering it and plan to continue, it’s the BEST!!! Karen, Tom Turner from the mountains in SW Virginia.“Best coffee I've ever tasted”
5 of 5 starsReviewed August 9, 2015

I thought coffee was coffee, until I visited Kona Joe's. Smooth and delicious! The tour of the factory is a must for every coffee lover!

Visited August 2015

Aloha Joe,

Got home, got the FED-EX (you shouldn't have, really, they went so fast that they tried to deliver on Friday and we weren't back yet, but tried again and got it yesterday <<smile>>), and brewed some decaf last night.....heavenly!

So glad I found you. We'll be sure to visit on our next trip "home" to Kailua-Kona and just scoot down the road to you. Just wanted to say: You guys are GREAT!
C & R Virgilio; Clarksville, MD

A friend brought back a bag of your signature medium roast from a recent trip.  It was the best coffee I've ever tasted, so I wanted to order some online.
   This was the first time I ordered from you.  Not only did the coffee come exactly how I ordered it, you upgraded it to FedEx @ no charge  and included some beautiful Holiday cards and a personal note that said Happy Holidays.
   Truly unexpected, wonderful service....oh, and same excellent coffee!  I will recommend Kona Joe Coffee profusely.
   Mahalo & Happy Holidays to you all @ Kona Joe,   Susan 

My wife and I really enjoy the coffee we get from your place. We recently purchased a  Barista cappuccino maker from Starbucks. I have now perfected what we call the "Hawaiian  cappuccino" this consists of a double shot of espresso grind Peaberry Kona Joe coffee,  which I enjoy grinding myself, a shot of Kahlua and topped with frothy steamed milk.  Add one teaspoon raw Hawaiian sugar and stir. You then have the perfect Hawaiian cappuccino!
A very happy customer, Daniel Pokorny;  Oviedo, FL

Aloha- Oh boy - I spent 3 years of my childhood on Oahu. Statehood came when I was there!  My parents drank Kona coffee and I sipped once in awhile and filed that taste. When we  returned to the mainland it was not easy to find Kona coffee and I drifted to tea. I  would try coffee and things that purported to be Kona "blends" and nothing- then I needed  to have decaf . Kona decaf "no never heard of any" was the answer. Finally (after hours on  the internet and years looking) I tried the Kona Joe Decaf with only what I read on the  site for faith support. Well that and the fact that we are involved in the wine business  here in CA and trellis seemed to resonate!
BOY am I HAPPY finally I put the cup to my lips (today when it arrived) and THERE it was -  that taste of my childhood!
Many thanks Mahalo J. O.  Pebble Beach, CA

Thanks, Joe! As you already know, your coffee is absolutely the best anywhere, such that  I purchased a roaster that is used ONLY for green beans from your farm. Hope to meet you  both someday, Deepa is always so kind over the phone.
My best, Glenn Penei ka ‘ölelo a Aloha Glenn, Hilo HI

I have received your famous Kona Joe coffee. It is with great pleasure to savour the coffee  as instructed. Kona Joe Coffee has certainly lived up to its Blue Ribbon award for Best New  Roasted Coffee. I can never taste such wonderful coffee here in Singapore. I would like to  thank you for a wonderful experience.
L. Teo,  Chaichee, Singapore

Deepa - First of all congratulations to you and Joe et al! Second, this is deja vu...the last two 'favorite' vintages Nora and I discovered were subsequently 'discovered' by the hoi polloi...with concomitant price rises to boot. Guess it's your win and my loss :-) Keep up the great work! Ah, I'll still buy IS the best I've ever had.
B. Norcross, Atlanta GA 

Congratulations!  We always knew you were the best.   E. Hift MD, Miami FL 

Dear Joe
   I agree that your trellis reserve is the best Kona coffee I've ever had!!  It was much  sweeter and nuttier tasting than the regular Kona Joe.  I just ordered another 8 oz.  bag and look forward to ordering more in the future.
Regards D. Hornick, Solon OH 

Your coffee is the absolute best (I could have told the judges that.)  Again, I am so very  happy.
With the increase in your sales, please make sure to set aside about 50 pounds per year for  my little company and other companies who are now hooked on your coffee.
D. Older, Eden Prarie MN

Aloha--   Congratulations to Kona Joe Coffee and both you and Joe--I know by walking all over the  farm shooting pictures how much hard work and thought went into this--It really is a mind  boggling thought that in the short time you have been on this project to win an award that  is coveted by coffee growers all over the world--I'm happy to be involved with it even in  my small way--
M. Allen, Kona HI 

Congratulations on your blue ribbon. Competition is keen with so many companies participating in the category. The concept of  trellising is also done in Japan for their most prized fruit, for the same reasons you  trellis.  The Tottori area has ALL Japan pears trellised and I believe the Aoyama apples  (priced between $2.50 - $7.00 per fruit) are also grown in this fashion.
  N. Nagai, University of Hawaii - Manoa College of Tropical Agriculture  

I received 1/2 pound and I drank it in like a week.. I turned into one of those crazy  coffee people you always see with a cup of coffee in their hand.. but then when it was  gone.. I had to drink my moms coffee (Folgers crystals garbage) and that's when I truly  realized how good the Peaberry coffee was.. every morning I would complain, and my parents got sick of it :) they said "just go buy your own coffee, and leave us alone"
M. Lyon, Payson UT 

Aloha Deepa,  I'm so happy to hear of your success at the SCAA. The trellis story on your website is most interesting. I look forward to following the story as the trees mature and you enter the maintenance pruning stage. I'd like to visit during the next year's pruning season.  Congratulations and good luck,  S. Bittenbinder, Univ of Hawaii Ag Dept 

You deserve the blue ribbon!. Your coffee is superb! S Graham, MD Ketchum, ID

Congrats!!  You do have the best coffee in the world!    E.Monroe, Newport Beach CA 

1st Place-- Congratulations!!!  We all know you have a great product, but your personal  work ethic, EXCELLENT human relation skills, & just overall positive vibes & good karma also put you on the most deserving for this award. D.Claxton, Las Vegas NV 

Congratulations on your success but most of all on your ability to reap the gifts of the earth and to share your knowledge through your storytelling and your paintings!   I spent the last 3/4 hour reading through your website. It made me so desirous of a cup of your coffee and a walk in your ocean that I wanted to take a trip to Hawaii  B. Zapalo, Cyberspace 

Wow!  This is wonderful!!!!  I am now even more convinced of what a great product Kona Joe is--- and yes, I do want Kona Joe!  Shelby New York, NY 

Congratulations on your Blue Ribbon victory in Miami. With your new trellis method of  growing coffee, I would say Kona Joe Coffee is the "Toast of the Roast"!  D. Zeligs Esq, Long Beach CA

Congratulations on your award. It is well deserved!!!  You know I am a believer. C. Fuller, West Chester PA  

Fantastic!  Congratulations on your award.  It is the result of your vision and hard work. Andy, Honolulu HI 

Congratulations....and keep up the excellent work!   Your efforts are reflected in the wonderful product you market.  There is a good cup of coffee, and then there is a Kona Joe cup of coffee--it is most enjoyable.  D. Connelly-Sharp Dyer IN

Congratulations from the Alioto Law Firm. Your coffee is delicious. We know first hand. How marvelous that you won the Blue Ribbon. What a coup! P. Gordon, San Francisco, CA

Congratulations, and well deserved!! C. Gibbs Crestline CA  Paradise Mtn Coffee and Ambex Roasters.

Deepa, congratulations!  You have taken the art to a new level. I think you are growing the best product in the  industry, I will continue chatting up Kona Joe to all of my buddies in the food industry.  J. Childers Torrance, CA 

Congratulations!  What an honor, but justly deserved as I, a new and converted "Kona Joe" fan can attest. S. Bryer, Long Beach CA

Aloha Joe!  Thank you so much for the coffee and beautiful card.  It totally made my day and my  volunteers after being out in the field for 10 hours tracking whales.  Your coffee is  wonderful and if you and your family are ever in the Pacific Northwest, please let me  introduce you to my dolphin friends (J, K and L killer whale pods).  Much Appreciated,    Jodi Smith Thedolite Killer Whale Tracking Study  San Juan Island, Washington 

Your service is excellent. So, of course, is the coffee. I've always wondered how the phrase "a cup of joe" came to mean a cup of really  good coffee. Now I know.  Thanks much and you'll be hearing from us regularly.  Can we  place a standing order?
   M.& G. Washburn, Queensland Australia 

Back for more of your wonderful coffee.  Have most of the other companies around me hooked  on your coffee also
D. O. from Eden Prairie, MI

My English is not very good.  Just to let you know how we are happy we got a fabulous  coffee. We tried peaberry kona. You say it is champagne of coffee. I really agree that.  I've never have such a tasty and fruity coffee.
S. Sogawa from Tokushima, Japan 

Received the coffee today. Thanks for the order. Your art work looks wonderful. Nice to  see some reminders of the great scenery of Hawaii."
T.Vincellet, Essex Junction VT

"We serve your coffee to our clients while they are waiting in the office. You have great  coffee. Thanks"
D.K. from Rochester, Indiana

"Peaberry mmmmm..."
S.S. from Chicago, IL 

"I just arrived home to all my Kona Joe coffee.  Your service is the best!     Looking forward to sharing your coffee with friends and family."
J.A. from Berkeley, CA

Just a quick note to say thank-you for such extraordinary service.  And most of all for  a fabulous coffee. The mornings are quite a bit more enjoyable!!"
K.&M. J. from Burleson, TX

"Please Ship Fast...I'm out!!!
J.M. from Upper Sandusky, OH

"Ground for French press, please. Love your coffee!"
T.A. from Alexandria, Virginia

"This is my second order. I've never tasted better coffee!"
  B.M. from Douglas, Georgi

  "I found myself desperately searching for more Dolphin Chronicles as I enjoyed your java....... wish you would print more. Thanks for the entertainment and enlightenment."
M.L. from Payson, UT 

Repeat customer, excellent coffee!! The nectar of the gods.!"
M.J.K. from Port Orange, Florida

"We're a very big coffee town, I'm telling everyone about your coffee and web site. Thanks!!"
  J.J. from Ann Arbor, MI

"I really enjoyed my first order I received from you. Why does your coffee taste so much  better than the Kona bought in a coffee specialty store?"
T.S. from Glen Mills, PA

"I sure do love my Kona Joe Coffee......have it every  weekend, usually sit on the balcony  and just enjoy  the solitude and the coffee."
D.H.  from Las Vegas, NV  

"I love your coffee.. when I bought it, my parents said that it was "too expensive" but  if your a person like me, you don't mind paying for a good product.. the coffee was  seriously the best I've had.. I felt the service was always good and fast.. and thank you.. it is much appreciated.
M.O. from Morris Plains NJ